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Get a fulltime resource or an entire team dedicated just for your brand

We’ve identified that in today’s digital world,
talent is the real deal.

Our vision

1. To design and grow the digital presence for brands, globally, with end-to-end Branding and Digital Marketing Expertise

2. To help brands harness the power of the internet to develop leads, convert more clients, increase revenue, and maximize ROI

3. To value great talent and create a long term win-win strategy between the client partners and the team members remotely

Not just any kind of talent. Talent that can give your brand a strong voice. Talent that can create an impact. Talent that is agile and can adapt to this new virtual era. Talent that can take onus and deliver results.

And we are aggregators of this talent.

We’re Talentela.
We help your business scale up and adapt to the changing needs of the hour by providing 360* solutions in digital marketing, design and content creation.

Our talent is thoroughly vetted through our 5-step hiring process to ensure that you get only the best in the game.

You can build your own team by handpicking the services and/or resources your brand needs. And our project managers will take care of the rest – from smooth project execution to hassle-free project delivery.

How are we different from others? We will ensure that the work is done with minimal effort from your end. No constant follow-ups or extended deadlines, only superior-quality work delivered by our hyper-specialised experts.

Our Mission

1. To empower businesses to reach out to their target audience with the power of digital communication

2. To unite global workforces to collaborate  and work together to increase cost efficiency and deliverable quality

3. To enable and encourage a smooth remote working culture within                         organizations

4. To give a chance to expert designers and  marketers to work with global  brands from the comfort of their space



We deliver the best possible results for our clients and take pride in our work built on high quality and integrity


We uphold equality and fairness, caring for our team, our clients and the community at large as we understand that empathy makes us stronger


We work collaboratively towards a common goal and shared purpose


We encourage our teams to inculcate a result-oriented approach to deliver value constantly, consistently.


We are transparent in our interactions and communicate honestly, openly and respectfully


We embrace the startup culture and believe in lean teams. Our motto is to provide exceptional quality standards in innovative, cost-efficient ways.


We place complete trust in our team and our clients to foster long-term relations with all.

Freelancer applications received

*we choose only the top 4%

Freelancer Partners onboard

*we choose only the top 4%


*we choose only the top 4%


*we choose only the top 4%