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Custom Illustrations

Establish a distinct visual style for your brand with immaculately designed custom illustrations.

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Custom Illustrations

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Understanding the Objective

Before any design work, the central theme needs to be understood and translated into a tangible deliverable. The grasp of the premise dictates and helps in creating relevant, logical design content.

Unique Illustration Style

Get a custom illustration style for your brand to stand apart from the crowd. A distinct and exclusive illustration style used consistently across a brand’s communication helps extend a memorable brand image.

Adaptation of Illustrations

Once the visual strategy is in place, our designer will adapt the illustrations to wherever required.

Professional Designing and Delivery

While carrying out any instrumental project, professionalism in terms of execution and delivery is a prerequisite. Our experts ensure smooth and error-free delivery.

Why Hire a Professional for Custom Illustrations

  • Need Based Illustrations

    Anything custom is bespoke and tailor made. For translating complex ideas or building a distinct identity, you need expert intervention and illustrations that are made according to your needs.

  • Personal Style

    Every artist has their own distinct style of illustrating and expression. These unique traits, when matched right can result in impactful designs and a meaningful relationship between a brand and an expert.

  • Flexibility

    Since the shots are called by clients for customizing illustrations, it is fairly easy to adapt the designer’s approach to best suit the objectives. This flexibility is an added benefit of working with our experienced designers.

How Do We Hire

At Talentela, we love having people who are passionate about what they do.
In fact, we place a lot of emphasis on hiring people who are not just experts at what they do, but who also thoroughly enjoy their trade.

Background Evaluation –In-depth analysis of the applicant’s background and skillset, through a comprehensive online form.

Creative and Critical Thinking – Candidate’s analytical, problem-solving and emotional skills are assessed.

Compatibility Test – Our HR executive interviews the candidates about their experience, expectations and their commercials to assess compatibility.

Technical Aptitude – A technical test to ensure that the candidate is up-to-speed with the current trends and skills in the world of digital marketing.

Induction and Onboarding – Lastly, only the top candidates who have proven their subject matter expertise and soft skills, are interviewed by our co-founders and are then inducted into the Talentela community.

Know more about how we build our teams

Team Skills

Updation - Just like your business, our design strategy will not be static. Our designers take a proactive approach to improving the look and style of all visuals and adapting it to fit your changing needs, industry trends, and more.

Goal-driven - Result-oriented approach to deliver tangible results on the brand’s bottom line.

Agile - Ability to manage complex assignments within the stipulated constraints in terms of budgets and resources.

Timeliness - Adhering to strict deadlines and ensuring that quality work is delivered within pre-decided timelines.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
Colour Theory, Typography
Creative Visualisation

Digital Marketing
5+ years of industry experience

Proficient in English

Works in all Timezones

Fast turnarounds with Gauranteed Satisfaction

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Get custom illustrations designed by industry experts to stand apart with your visual strategy.

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