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Fastrack your brand growth and improve brand visibility by hiring our expert Digital Consultants. From impactful campaigns to powerful SEO, we’ll take care of everything digital.

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Digital Consulting

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What We Can Do For You


Initial Scrutiny

A full-blown audit of your existing digital strategy to identify the strengths, shortcomings and inherent gaps.

Market Research

Conduct industry-specific market research, competitive analysis, customer persona identification, and sector-specific digital media trends.

Strategy Consulting and Implementation

Developing the positioning and target-marketing strategies. Helping in implementation by advising on the team structure required for the strategy execution

Efficient Budget Allocation

Managing tight budgets and allocation of spends on different marketing verticals, digital channels and campaigns.

Website Analysis and SEO

Recommendations about improving UX, UI and CRO to optimize customer journey and help convert more leads. Analyse SEO, conduct keyword research and advise on effective content marketing.

Strategize campaigns, PPC, digital ads

Research and create powerful campaigns to improve brand reach and boost conversions. Advise on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Ad performance reporting.

Performance Reporting

Produce detailed performance reports (including rankings, web statistics, etc) to help businesses better understand the effectiveness of the overall digital strategy.

Why Hire Talentela As A Digital Consultant?

  • Improve Lead Generation and Conversions

    Digital consultants help strategize and optimize customer journeys - whether it's on your website, social media or through email marketing workflows. A well executed digital plan can massively improve revenues and expand brand reach.

  • Optimize Budget Allocation

    Limited ad budgets? A digital expert will help you spend it wisely, so you get maximum ROIs through powerful marketing campaigns.

  • Scale up your Brand

    It’s no secret how a good marketing strategy can turnaround a brand. Digital Consulting can help you scale your brand while strengthening brand identity.

How Do We Hire

At Talentela, we love having people who are passionate about what they do.
In fact, we place a lot of emphasis on hiring people who are not just experts at what they do, but who also thoroughly enjoy their trade.

Background Evaluation – In-depth analysis of the applicant’s background and skill set, through a comprehensive online form.

Creative and Critical Thinking – Candidate’s analytical, problem-solving and emotional skills are assessed.

Compatibility Test – Our HR executive interviews the candidates about their experience, expectations and their commercials to assess compatibility.

Technical Aptitude – A technical test to ensure that the candidate is up-to-speed with the current trends and skills in the world of digital marketing.

Induction and Onboarding – Lastly, only the top candidates who have proven their subject matter expertise and soft skills, are interviewed by our co-founders and are then inducted into the Talentela community.

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Team Skills

Empathetic - Open to addressing client requirements and ensuring all strategies are aligned with the brand’s core values.

Strategy over gimmicks - Having a big-picture outlook while developing plans to ensure long-term and continued success.

Goal-driven - Result-oriented approach to deliver tangible results on the brand’s bottom line.

Agile -Ability to manage complex assignments within the stipulated constraints in terms of budgets and resources.

Timeliness - Adhering to strict deadlines and ensuring that quality work is delivered within pre-decided timelines.

HubSpot Certified
5+ years of industry experience
SMM and SEO certifications - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube

PPC, Google Ads, Facebook Ads
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Google AdWords and Google Analytics

Proficient in English

Works in all Timezones

Fast turnarounds with Gauranteed Satisfaction

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Partner with our team of professionals to get expert digital consultancy for your brand.

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